Stumpy’s World Winter AXE-Games

March 28, 2021 - 11:00AM to 2:00PM

Participate in our first annual World Winter AXE-games & take home the Gold Hatchet & huge bragging rights. All skill levels are welcome (all participants will be able to take 40% off their throwing fees the week before the Games – not eligible for Friday or Saturday night). The Games will consist of 4 events including Slalom & Ski Knuckle Huck (see below for details). Each participant will have a chance to secure the Gold, Silver or Bronze hatchet &amp will go home with a cool Stumpy’s pint glass. Both contestants & spectators will be invited to the Apres Ski party where they can partake in some delicious hot mulled sangria (thank you Sangria Lady), hot cocoa and baked goodies. 18+, BYOB for 21+, $35 per participant, $10 per spectator.

Event #1- The Ski Knuckle Huck: We start with a 20-minute Freestyle Throw Warm-Up for points. Followed by the Opening Game target where each contestant will be allowed 10 throws (any style- single or double handed) while seated in the “Ski simulator”. Points will be awarded based on standard target points.

Event #2- The Slalom Race: Each contestant will be allowed 5 right hand throws at the black flags & 5 left hand throws at the red flags. Each correct flag hit (even if just the tip of the blade is touching) earns 1 point. If you “axe”identally hit a “Ski Monster”, your turn is over & whatever points you earned are kept.

Event #3- The Superpipe: Each contestant will be given 5 throws (any style) in regular snowboard stance (left foot in front) & 5 throws “goofy” (right foot in front). Throw for standard points ONLY in the bottom half. Hit the WipeOut Zone & your turn is over & you keep points earned.

Event #4- Cross Country Ski Stumpy’s Style: Each contestant will be allowed 1 throw (any style) at 6 different targets for standard points. Once the hatchet sticks or falls, you move onto the next target. Feet must be in the marked skis in the throwing zone. Contestant with the highest points in the fastest amount of time wins their points. Everyone else walks away with zero points

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