About Us

What’s This Hatchet House You Speak of?

Don’t get the wrong idea about our name~ we’re all about safety and fun at the first indoor hatchet throwing venue in the United States. Hatchet throwing is an alternative form of recreation if you’re tired of boring happy hours or activities like bowling. This exciting activity is great for bonding and team building. It’s a positive way to relieve stress and get your frustrations out.

How To Get Your Party Scheduled

If hurling hatchets sounds fun and intriguing, it’s time to start getting your group together. Determine a few dates and times that work for everyone, and then click on our “Reserve Now” button. Find the best time and date for your group at our nearest location to you. Now click on the “Book Now” button. You’ll be required to place a modest deposit to reserve your spot. Once the big day arrives, your group will show up at Stumpy’s Hatchet House to get started on all the fun. Our team members will get you situated with snacks and drinks, and our coaches will ensure you’re up to speed so you can get down to business. After that, it’s time to get started!

How to Prepare and What You Can Expect

If it’s your first time joining us, we want to make sure you come prepared and ready for fun. Wear comfortable clothing because hatchet throwing is an athletic activity. Open-toed shoes like flip flops and sandals are not permitted due to safety reasons. Once you arrive, you’ll undergo a short training session to help you stay safe and throw your hatchet properly. Most groups reserve a one- or two-hour time slot where you’ll have access to the axe throwing pits. If you want to learn more about what you can expect at Stumpy’s, check out our FAQ page.

Reserve Your Social Throwdown Today

Now that you’re ready to participate in the exciting sport of hatchet throwing, it’s time to make your reservation with Stumpy’s. Our axe throwing facility is the perfect place for small birthday parties, team-building, and more. The ideal size for a group is eight to ten, but we’re also happy to accommodate smaller or larger groups based on availability. Don’t miss out on this exciting social throwdown. Contact us to learn more or click the “Reserve Now” button to book your session.