10 Burning Questions and Concerns About Axe Throwing

September 27, 2021

Imagine the thrill of throwing an axe at your target. It’s not as easy as it sounds, though. Axe throwing is a sport that many people enjoy. Of course, there are always some safety concerns to consider before you begin! Here are 10 burning questions we had at one point or another when learning how best to throw axes safely.

1. Can Anyone Do Axe Throwing?

Axe throwing is a little more complicated than just “throwing an axe.” There are things that need to be explained before axe throwing can take place. Throwing axes was once a common skill that people used for fighting, hunting food, or protecting themselves from dangerous animals and attackers. In these days, axe throwing has become a popular sport as well as recreational activity among friends and families.

2. Why is Axe-Throwing Chosen Over Other Sports?

Well, the simplest answer to this question would be: why not? You may have tried other types of sports, but axe-throwing will surely give you a different kind of thrill and excitement you’ve never felt before, guaranteed. Also, while axe-throwing may sound like it’s something that can only be done in the forest, axe-throwing facilities are usually located in urban areas.

3. Is There an Age Requirement for Axe Throwing?

There isn’t one specific age group which axe-throwing is suitable for. There are many factors to consider before trying axe throwing such as strength, coordination, and mental fortitude so appropriateness would depend on the person doing the activity. 13 years old and above would be a good age to try axe throwing.

4. Is Axe Throwing Dangerous?

If you’re thinking about chopping down trees with axes, then yes axe-throwing can be harmful. However, axe throwing is meant to be an activity aimed at entertainment and sport. If it’s done correctly there should really be no harm or danger. The axes used for axe throwing are specially designed blunt axe heads without sharp edges; therefore, they won’t cut your skin if accidentally thrown towards you (unless you try catching them). Also, because axe-throwing is done indoors in purpose-built spaces and venues that are under the supervision of trained professionals, safety should not be a major concern during axe throwing.

5. Where Did the Sport of Axe Throwing Originate?

Axe-throwing originated in the early days of the axe and has been around for thousands of years, before or during the Neolithic period. As mentioned earlier, axe throwing was used for self-defense and hunting purposes so it’s only natural that axe throwing came from a time when people had to fend for themselves not just against predators but other humans as well.

6. How Much Does Axe Throwing Cost?

As for how much it costs, prices may vary depending on where you live but typically each person pays between $15 – 30 USD for axe throwing.

7. Can Spectators Come and Watch?

Of course! Most venues welcome spectators to come and observe the sport. Keep in mind that spectators may still be charged an entrance fee into the venue.

8. What Should I Wear When I Go Axe Throwing?

The best clothes for axe throwing or those that allow the most upper body movement without being cumbersome or bulky. When it comes to shoes, makes sure you arrive in closed-toe varieties that offer you a stable base (ladies, avoid wearing heels). If patrons arrive at a facility without closed-toe shoes, sometimes options will be available to borrow.

9. How Long Does an Axe Throwing Session Take?

Every axe throwing experience begins with 15-20 minutes of training from a certified axe instructor. Following training, the average time slot runs for 1-2 hours. The time of each session can vary depending on your group’s size and reservation specifics upon booking.

10. Will There Be Training?

Yes, coaches at axe throwing venues are certified in axe safety and equipped to prepare new participants for their first experience. Proper throwing techniques, along with how to safely manage the axe, are integral parts of the training. Throughout your time at the facility, coaches will be on hand to help you hit the bullseye and give you tips to enjoy your time more.

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