5 Steps to Becoming an Axe Throwing Champion

January 26, 2021

So You Want to Become an Axe Throwing Champion?

How to Become an Axe Throwing Champion in Five Easy Steps

So you want to become an axe throwing champion? Stumpy’s Hatchet House is here to help! We’ve prepared five easy steps to help you become the best axe thrower you can be. Check them out, and then be sure to visit us so you can follow through and become your local axe throwing champion.

Step One: Practice Makes Perfect

We’ve all heard the old saying, “practice makes perfect.” That holds true with axe throwing. No one has ever become an axe throwing champion their first time throwing a hatchet, even though that would be very impressive. Your first throw probably won’t be a bullseye, but don’t let that discourage you. Some people have natural talent, but without practice, they’re not going to win a championship. Practicing allows you to try out different things. Some examples include:

  • Seeing if your dominant foot should be directly in front of the bullseye or off-center
  • Testing multiple grips until one feels right and you’re able to repeat it
  • Trying different axes, releases, handle lengths, and strides

Step Two: Developing a Consistent Throw

After you’ve practiced and learned what you’re doing, it’s time to develop a consistent throw. An axe throwing coach can help you with this step. You’ll start by being positioned in a specific spot, and your coach will help you tweak where you stand over time. It’s fairly easy to get careless about where you’re standing, so you need to continue to pay attention to it or have friends or teammates remind you. The distance you stand from your target is important. Repetition is key when it comes to developing a consistent hatchet throwing technique. Stand in the same place and execute every mechanic the same way every throw. That includes your grip, foot placement, step, and release. Start out by placing your lead foot in the same exact spot every time. From there, place your back foot and grip your axe. Take a step forward, bring your axe back, and plant your foot before bringing your arm forward to release the axe.

Step Three: Getting Feedback

You can only do so much on your own. It helps tremendously to have someone watch your axe throwing technique for deficiencies. Many throwers drop their shoulder without realizing it. Other common mistakes include not following through or taking a smaller step. Just spending five minutes with an experienced axe thrower watching you can save you lots of time experimenting. A Stumpy’s Hatchet House throwing coach with experience throwing an axe can guide you for a few minutes and give you some inside tips. You and your friends or teammates can also take turns watching each other throw and giving feedback.

Step Four: Start Competing

After you’ve practiced and perfected your throw, it’s time to start competing to see where you stand compared to others. Competition just feels different than practicing or throwing with a group of friends for fun. Keep in mind that competition should be fun, although you will probably experience some nerves along the way. Competing against others will also help you measure your progress. As Ric Flair famously said, “to be the man, you’ve gotta beat the man.” Wooooo!

Step Five: Focus on the Right Milestones

Having the right goals in place is important. There are many impressive milestones you can achieve in axe throwing. Don’t expect to throw an 81 in your first season of competition, although you shouldn’t consider it out of the question. It takes many hours of practice and competition to become the best. It’s best to set milestones that slowly increase in difficulty. The following seven milestones can help you measure your progress:

  • A natural perfect game – five bullseyes
  • Two consecutive natural perfect games
  • A natural perfect match – all 15 bullseyes in a match
  • An 80% bullseye rate for a night – 48/60 bullseyes
  • A supernatural perfect game – four bullseyes followed by a clutch
  • All three clutches in a match
  • Your first 81

H3: Become an Axe Throwing Champion at Stumpy’s Hatchet House

Now that you know which steps to take to become an axe throwing champion, it’s time to get started. Whether you’ve never thrown an axe before or you’ve just dabbled, the time to become great is now. Start practicing today at your nearest Stumpy’s Hatchet House. Before long, you’ll be competing and perfecting your craft. Don’t forget to ring the bullseye bell after every bullseye!