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Reasons to Use Axe Throwing for Team Building

May 26, 2021

When you’re trying to create bonds that will make your employees into a cohesive team, there’s nothing quite like team building. Taking your team off site to do something fun will allow them to see each other in a different light, and the results include better communication and more effective collaboration. When you’re looking for a fun-filled activity that’s great for bringing people together, we think you should consider axe throwing. Let’s face it, even though employers know that team building is beneficial, no employee is gung-ho on heading out to a required team-building exercise after a long day at […]

The Ultimate Stress Relief: Axe Throwing

May 26, 2021

Ask any expert the secret to a happy, healthy life, and the same instructions will pop up time and time again. One instruction that makes the list every time is managing stress. Stress is insidious, and once you’re feeling stressed, it becomes harder to relax and shake off that stress. Fortunately, if you’ve got stress, we’ve got the cure. There’s no better way to release excess tension than to pick up an axe and throw it! Let’s look at some reasons axe throwing is the activity for ultimate stress relief! Axe throwing equals exercise. Haven’t you heard that exercise is […]

Top Reasons to Go Axe Throwing with Your Family

May 26, 2021

When your kids are little, it’s blissfully easy to find fun things to do with them. A trip to the playground is joyous, and a jaunt to the zoo or a children’s museum is met with even more enthusiasm. As they get older, though, it’s harder to find activities to delight them. In fact, it’s often a major challenge to pull the kids away from their devices and into a family activity. Finding something new and interesting to do as a family is even more difficult. We have good news! Taking your kids axe throwing is one of the greatest […]